Introducing New Friends to the Newsletter

I wanted to take a moment and welcome a bunch of new subscribers that joined us over the last few days! In a thread sharing his “network” on Twitter, my friend Dhaval Kotecha had some nice things to say about us…

…which led to a host of people joining our little community here!

Since the early days of a newsletter are read by only a few, I thought it would be helpful to new subscribers to share some past work, and set expectations for our content.

Our posts typically fall into one of three buckets:

  1. Semi-Regular Weekly and Quarterly Reviews

  2. Company Deep Dives

  3. Fun/Unusual Projects

1. Semi-Regular Weekly and Quarterly Reviews

Around 1-2x per month we’ll send out a weekly review that could look at any interesting macro themes, summarize recent trades or performance, share compelling articles, and more.

Here are some recent examples:

2. Company Deep Dives

Around 1x per month (should be more!), we write a Deep Dive on a company that could be a new position, a recent Fintwit darling, or just a company we’re trying to better understand.

Here are some examples:

3. Fun/Unusual Projects

This is our miscellaneous bucket! We’ve done an “unbook” review (sharing quotes from a recent/important/popular read). We’ve done an Oral History (on The Trade Desk). We even built a product ( We hope to continue to do more of each of theses.

  • An “Unbook” Review of Morgan Housel's The Psychology of Money

    This is not a typical finance or investing book, although it includes both themes. It’s also a psychology book (duh), a history book, an economics book, and more. This is a book of bedtime stories for the curious and engaged. Each chapter covers a different topic, using history and anecdotes as a guide. Here, I share my favorite lines from each chapter. Enjoy!

  • An Oral History of The Trade Desk

    I conducted no interviews for this oral history, but rather found other interviews and quotes that are cited. My job here has been merely to research and collect the quotes, condense for brevity and continuity, and arrange them to build an interesting story. So let’s hear from the players involved to learn how they went from a startup to a $20B+ company today!

  • The Story and Launch of

    In addition to writing here, I also love following other Substacks. It seems like every week I come across another Substack that is intelligent and insightful—and then my afternoon is lost reading everything that author has written. But how could I keep track of the Substacks I liked (aside from overloading my email)? How could I find new and interesting Substacks focused on topics I care about? Was there a central database of the Substacks I found interesting? It turns out, there wasn’t.

    So I built it.

That’s it for now! If you know other people that may enjoy these types of content, please don’t hesitate to forward this.


And please let us know what resonates with you! The weekly reviews? The company deep dives? More fun/creative stuff? Comments and DMs are open! We’re grateful for your interest and time.